XIN HAO ENVIRONMENT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD .  is that one special field concentrates efforts on the high technology environment company who optimizes air quality. The company gathers an integral whole designing , developing , making  , introduces the product that the advanced nology in the field of the environment , takes  progress actively in the localization  production, develops he productiong according to customer's request need abroad at the same time .It has developed the package products of repairing a factory environment and optimizing air mass environment ,as follows: Lampblack purifies equipment , oil fog collector ,oil mist cleaner, oil fog filter ,smoke filters, Pulse dust collection machine,oil fog depurator , oil fog claim machine , soldering paste fog depurator , industry control of dust machine , oil fog cigarette make dust arrester angry, the control of dust working table waits for series of products . They ply to industry fields such as metallurgy , electronics industries, environmental pollution and  provide customer with entire bearing broadly govern service.  

     XIN HAO  has carried out the technology cooperation with famous enterprise of  the republic family environmental protection in Germany , France , Japan and Korea for a long time.

      The  product and the system engineering design capacity has already reached the most ced level of  international .The company has owned  itself’s  technology theory system and product nt .At the same time,  the system having formed the perfect market network and perfect service(201120452164.x、201120452154.6) , products and satisfied services providing customer with high grade. And it has  already passed e ISO9001 mass system , the  ISO14001 environmental management system and healthy O18001 occupation security  attestation system .

       XIN HAO . consistently devotes self to optimizing a factory environment developing direction , pursues the managing idea of  "a marketplace be originated from sincere message , mass decision survival , technology witness product, thought creates future ",.specially  aims at the factory issue of environmental pollution , carry out the end items of product’s developing and applying , provides the high grade product and service to our customers .