Let the working environment cleaner...
The global manufacturing industry is increasingly shifted to China. Driven by the rapid development of  China's aerospace industry, mold industry and its peripheral industries, our country's machine tool industry enters high-speed development period and mature period from the growth period.And becomes the world's first Engine bed consumption and imports. High-speed, ultra-high-speed CNC engine bed at work would have a lot of cutting heat, bur the cutting compound for lubrication and cooling easily vaporized when encountered in metal parts at high temperature, thus giving rise to a large number of oil mist. These oil gases and the mist include the multi-chlorine biphenyl ingredient, easy to create the virulent mist,and injures seriously to staff's health. In order to protect the health of workers and prevention of occupational diseases, and create a comfortable working environment, extended machine tool life and increase production efficiency, most of the CNC machine tools have to be equipped with devices to absorb the oil mist.





 EP-e:oil mist cleaner  

 CRD:oil mist fumes

 ESP:Smog refining equipment




The CRD、EP-e、ESP engine bed oil mist cleaner is the profession pioneer,it creats clean factory environment for machine-finishing profession. Oil mist / smoke cleaner discharge the gas contained oil mist after the purification processing and recycling can:
Reduce the impact to staff:
Long-term exposure to oil mist in the metal-cutting fluid can cause headaches, skin roughness, chronic bronchitis, chest discomfort, airway stimulation, allergic diseases such as skin diseases and malignant tumors, and genetic effects may result.
Reduce work injuries:
Oil mist deposition so that the work area, floors, walkways become slippery and easy to accidents caused by wrestling.
Reduce fire risk:
Oil deposited on the walls, ceiling, equipment to create a potential fire risk.

Reduce the consumption of coolant:
The oil mist after recovery can be re-used and reduce the economic expenditure of coolant for factory.
Enhances the working efficiency:
If the workplace is filled with fog, can affect staff's working zeal, and reduces the production efficiency.
Reduce environmental damage and save energy:
If fog shape row to outside,can cause damage to the environment; and will reduce the heating effect of air-conditioning, so that a substantial increase in air conditioning costs.
Reduce the fire's impact:
If the mist objects attached to the fire sensor, the sensor may not react.
Reduce the impact of machine tools:
If the mist were allowed to spread, may become the causes of  internal tool and   electrical system failures.
Can be used for cutting oil, emulsion and synthesis coolant in the processing of oil mist and water-based mist.
Application examples:
CNC Lathe, washing machines, cylindrical, surface grinding machine, gear hobbing, gear milling machines and machine tools, vacuum pumps, spray test chamber, EDM, CNC Machining Center.