oil mist collector

oil mist collector

Model No.︰CRD-2200

Brand Name︰XIN HAO

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 7500 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

CRD series of oil mist collection applications sophisticated filtration and centrifugal separation technology, the filtering effect of the mist as much as 99.8%, the broader the scope of application can be of aqueous or oily mist. 
FT Principle
A, The inhalation of mist and dust into the first oil mist collector plate collision with the inertia collision fall, followed by a second large particle filter will be removed of the mist.
B, The effects of the impeller in the mist of coarse-grained and increase the filtering effect of the next filter.
C, Three filters for high-performance filter, can be filtered better small oil mist.

Main applications
Machining: CNC lathes, machining centers, Cylindrical Grinder, gear grinding, Electrical processing machine tools, grinder, lens grinding machine, die-casting machine.
Oil collection for the Selection
Selection confined cavity: 
FT required air volume (m3/min) = intracavity-volume (m3) function factor of 5 × (1 / min)
For example: CNC lathe, the intracavity 3 m3 volume multiplied by the factor of 5 features 15 m3/min selected CRD-1500.
Pay attention to the open-cavity confined to their body cavity, and then multiplied by 2, according to the results of selection.

1, Smoke collection efficiency, the mist of catching dust efficiency 99.8%
2, Maintenance is simple and convenient, using plug-in installed.
3, Equipment, low noise operation, less than 68 dB (A).
4,Safe and reliable operation, a lack of settings, overheating protection.No power equipment exposed, relatively safe operation.
5,A wide range of applications, application of various water-soluble, oil mist of purification.

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