Pulse dust collection machine

Pulse dust collection machine

Model No.︰MDA/B

Brand Name︰XIN HAO

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Product Description
MDA / B pulse dust collection machine
   MDA / B-Series modular filter  application module technology, the whole PC control, cleaning plunger jet-jet cleaning system, applicable to all types of dry dust collection purification, when the content in the air over 10 g/m3 suggested additional Tornado filters as a pre-filtering device, the machines will do better for the secondary dust collection. 
PCB plants, power plants, furniture plants, chemical plants, plastic factories, rubber plants, shipyards, food factory, foundry, electrical plants.

• Use the most economical way to reach 99.5 per cent of the dust-catching effect.
• Modular design portfolio, in accordance with user space can be determined.
• The use of advanced anti-explosion plunger cleaning system, anti-cleansing optimization.
• Variety of filters, can be applied to a variety of dust collection.
• Easily and facilitate for replacement, repeated use after cleaning.