smoke filters

smoke filters

Model No.︰EP

Brand Name︰XIN HAO

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

    RDJ series smoke filters   
    RDJ series plasma smoke filters introduce the German  plasma technology, the smallest accuracy of  gas filter  can reach 0.01 UN, used in smoke-type exhaust gas purification. The  efficiency of the smoke cleaning reached more than 99 percent.
RDJ series of breathing (oil) fog filter can  remove smoke, mist, smoke and dust, and other harmful substances.
Application examples:
Screw machine, cold heading machine, gas welding, arc welding, heat treatment, bearing processing, gear machining, CNC machine tools, casting, metal processing stretch.

• Dust collection more efficient, reaching 99 percent, the smallest particles to deal with 0.01 UM.
• Apply to the net used in the mist of occasions, it is not appropriate in the use of water-soluble occasions.
• Equipment Drag small, only about 150 pa.
• A special discharge electrodes, a longer service life.
• Particularly applicable to smoke purification.
• Modular design, the largest design capacity of wind is 50000 M3 / h

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